Motor Yacht Charter – Tips Make The Most From Your Charter

motor yacht charter

Most people save up for their dream trips. The exceptions are only those who are super rich whose lives resemble a fabulous and endless vacation. So it goes without saying that we should take steps to ensure our trips give us as much pleasure and wonderful experiences as possible; most of us will take a long time to be able to afford another one.

Some of those who love the sea save up for a motor yacht charter. This provides them the luxuries of a yacht to take them to places they want to go – at least for the duration of the motor yacht charter.

Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Motor Yacht Charter

  1. As in every contract, make sure to convey your requirements clearly. There are lots of details which can make or break your trip such as the itinerary, food preferences, and special requirements such as those of people with illnesses and allergies. Make sure your requirements are addressed in the charter service contract.

  2. Listen to the advice of your charter broker; they most likely have done this countless times. If you listen to their advice, you can make your trip more enjoyable, you may save a bit of money, and you can avoid costly mistakes. Good brokers can provide great itinerary advice based on your stated preferences.

  3. You need to communicate well with the captain and the crew. If there are any problems, they need to be sorted out in a calm and reasonable manner before they have a chance to worsen. Usually, the entire crew would like to please you; it is your responsibility to define how.

  4. Ask for the any rules which apply on board the yacht and follow them. Yachts are expensive, and if you damage any part, especially by breaking shipboard rules, you may end up being liable for the repairs.

  5. Do not be too rigid in following the itinerary; conditions change and there are instances when you just have to accept a few delays and adjustments. This is especially true of weather conditions which may change at the drop of a hat and cause safety concerns for the captain and crew. Remember that safety applies to the boat, the crew and you.

  6. Do not cram too much activity on your charter. You most likely chartered the yacht for some enjoyment. If you try to do and see too much, your trip will consist of trying to meet one schedule after another; you do not need that kind of tension in the trip of a lifetime.

  7. Let the crew do what they do best – make sure you enjoy your vacation. For this to happen, you need to trust them to do their job; you need not try to manage every detail. Sit back and let the crew worry about the boat.

A motor yacht charter can be the most enjoyable trip you will ever experience – if you plan and manage it correctly.

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations For The Budget Conscious

exotic honeymoon destinations on a budget

Everyone dreams of being able to take their significant other to some of the most exotic honeymoon destinations.  However, many people have this mistaken notion that such places are way beyond their means.  I say, that is not necessarily true.


I’ve found that many places with the requisite warm climate and wide open beaches are affordable.  It only takes a little planning to be able to fit dream vacations into one’s budget.  Here are a few exotic honeymoon destinations on a budget:


  1. Nassau, Bahamas


All of the Bahamas is well known throughout the world as an ideal honeymoon destination.  The miles of sandy beaches, numerous cays and blue holes provide lots of opportunity for great adventure where lovers may strengthen their bonds.  But if one is not careful, a vacation in the Bahamas can be expensive.


While there are lots of chances to overspend on a Bahamas honeymoon, prudence and a bit of due diligence can significantly cut costs. Hotels can be had for less than $100 a night.  I advise you to avoid guided tours; you can explore the island more intimately alone with your partner and for much less money.  I found that since the whole archipelago relies heavily on tourism, there are lots of special offers and discounts to be had on everything from rooms, cruises, tours, and plane tickets.  One good source of all this information is the website of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.


  1. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


This is one of the hottest honeymoon spots in Mexico, and couples who just haphazardly plan their stay are likely to spend a lot of money.  Many hotels who advertise themselves as premier honeymoon spots cost in excess of $400 a night easy.  But in Playa Del Carmen, there are hotels which charge much less than that for their rooms.  Using the internet I found a hotel which offers rooms for less than a hundred dollars per night; and it is rated 4.5/5 stars by visitors.


From your hotel you can plan your trips to the wide open beaches where you can swim, fish or sip margaritas (at less than hotel prices).  You can take jungle tours, visit ancient ruins, underwater rivers, or enjoy the vibrant night life.  You and your spouse can easily plan your adventure to match your budget.  Then this great honeymoon destination will be well within reach.


  1. Turks & Caicos Islands


The Turks and Caicos Islands is a British Protectorate with 40 islands and cays.  It is just south of the Bahamas and east of Cuba, so it is sunny all year round.  Its main attractions are still sun, sand and sea.  There are vast stretches of deserted beaches and colorful coral reefs.  Swimming, diving, snorkeling and fishing are some of the best in the world.  It has all the elements of an enchanting honeymoon spot.


There are many hotels, even world class hotels that do not come cheap.  However, there are mid-level hotels which offer rooms at around a hundred dollars a night.  And if you book your honeymoon in the off season (not in winter) the prices take a significant drop.


With the power of the internet, finding the best honeymoon destination is just a few clicks away.  And if you look hard enough, you will find great deals to fit your budget.